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Radiation Detection

RadComm has an extensive product line, and can provide many industries with complete plant (or facility) protection, from gate entrances, grapple mounted systems, conveyor and charge bucket operations to off-gas monitoring.

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Hydraulic grabs for truck cranes and mobile scrap handlers.

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Car Depolution

Iris Mec Srl in a few years has become a leader in the production of machines to recycle the materials coming from end of life vehicles. Iris Mec products fully answer the demands of a growing market to work quickly, safely and respecting the EC directives to protect the environment.

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Alligator Shears

JMC hydraulic shears were originally designed to withstand the rigours of scrapyard use, making them suitable for any industrial application. Still the market leaders in the metal recycling industry, JMC shears are fully tried and tested in the works before being offered for sale. Blade lengths vary from 150mm to 900mm. With either electric motors, diesel engines or all new solenoid control operated. All JMC shears can be modified and custom built to suit your specific needs.

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